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About Sri Potti Sri Ramulu Nellore District
History of Nellore

Nellore once known as Vikramasimhapuri has a prominent place in the history of India. Culturally, Nellore city stands unique among the other cities of Andhra Pradesh as it is the place where the greatest of the Telugu poets, Tikkana Somayaji, translated the Mahabharata into Telugu, lived. Even the first Poetess Molla was born in this place. World famous Lord Talpagiri Ranganathaswami has chosen this Nellore and He lives in the temple near the river Penna.

Nellore district, is the southern most coastal district in Andhra Pradesh with Nellore as the District Head Quarters. Nellore has a Total population of the district as per 1991 census is 23,92,260 persons and is spread over an area of 13,076 hectares. Nellore district formed part of the composite Madras State till 1st October 1953. 
On 1st November 1956 when the states were reorganised on a linguistic basis this district came under the Andhra Pradesh State. It is supposed that Nellore was situated in Dandakaranya forests into which the Aryas first penetrated as adventurous sages with the rise of the Mouryan Empire. Nellore also seems to have under its influence and was part of the Ashoka Empire in the 3rd century B.C. It was next included in the Pallava Dominion between the fourth and sixth century A.D.
Culture of Nellore
Telugu is the most spoken language while rice and seafood are the most consumed food in Nellore. Nellore is practically divided into two halves by the railway lines which are interconnected through under bridges. These are completely blocked during heavy rains, causing problems.

Nellore hosts a bunch of three star hotels including the oldest one, Simhapuri. Cinemas (Movie theatres) in Nellore are popular in the state to have better quality. Nellore is known for having the high density of health care providers. People's Polyclinic, previous known as Ramachandrareddy Hospital and Jayabharath Hospital serve poor people. Most notable hospitals are St. John's Hospital, Bollineni Super Speciality HospitalBollineni Eye Hospital and ABM Hospital (American Baptist Hospital). Bollineni Super Speciality HospitalBollineni Eye Hospital ISO 9001 :2000 Certified Eye Hospital Dr.Sai Murali in Nellore.
Nellore Economy
The city is the main shopping centre for cloths, furniture,electronics, health needs, jewels etc. The Main assets of Nellore are its Businessmen, Nellore(during 1950s to 1990s) once was the best exporting capital of Mica to countries such as UK as well. Most of the wealthy people settled in other states like Tamilnadu, Karnataka and even the Andhra pradesh's capital Hyderabad are from Nellore. India's best building and construction contractors have their roots in Nellore.The city makes revenue mainly from cloth emporiums, movie theatres, nellore cuisine restaurants and hotels, hospitals and educational coaching centres.

Nellore has very less number of industries biggest being a small(Nippo )Batteries factory, Apache (recently started leather shoes factory) and Thermal power plant.(Thermal power Plant is now closed for ever) Nellore district is called the "Shrimp capital of India" due to is high production of cultured shrimp.
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